Born and Raised in Central Washington State, Joel has had a bow in his hands since the age of seven. Endless days of wandering the wilderness shooting countless arrows at stumps, improvised targets, and of course, hunting wild game shaped his future.



Since the age of seven, the flight of the arrow has always been a guiding light in Joel's journey.

Each arrow's trajectory, from bowstring to target, mirrors the life path he's walked. With every shot, he mastered not just the bow, but also the intricacies of focus, determination, and inner balance. Archery became more than a sport; it was his first classroom in understanding the mind's power.



As a father to Bodie Turner, world champion Archer, Joel's influence extended beyond mere guidance. Every moment became a lesson in discipline, perseverance, and integrity. He's not only the mentor to one of the world's finest archers but also a beacon of the values he holds dear. His role as a father reminds all that life's true teachings often come outside traditional classrooms.



After years of being a S.W.A.T Sniper Team Leader, Joel was thrust into the intense crucible of a life-changing hostage rescue.

For him, this was the ultimate moment of truth,  a moment that etched itself deep into his psyche. This stark life and death reality scared him onto a path of research and experimentation. It was more than just an act; it was an affirmation that verified the vital importance of the mental game. From this point on, Joel wasn't just mastering physical tactics; he was on a quest to teach others how to catalyze focus and manufacture determination like life depended on it.


Joel created the “Controlled Process Shooting” course known as ShotIQ, launching him to the forefront of archery and precision firearms shooting circles around the world.


After years of research and coaching, he codified his methodology into what is now known as the Turner Model. Subsequently, he developed the MindIQ Course to teach people around the world how to sharpen their mental edge.



Though Joel has taken on many roles,
coaching stands out as his true calling.

By breaking down the complexities of the human mind, he offers a clear path to mental mastery. Whether on an archery range, in a corporate setting, or navigating daily challenges, Joel's teachings resonate, preparing everyone to face their moments of truth.

His mission is clear: to impart wisdom and knowledge that leaves an undeniable impact.

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